ClenchPICS for when “Good Enough” just isn't

ClenchPICS for when “Good Enough” just isn't

Professional Image & Composition Specialists


We are videographers with over 20 years experience

shooting video on Long Island!


We are a Long Island video and Videography company specializing in multi-camera shoots of all types of events. Our basic video shoot uses three 3CCD video cameras, mounted on pan-tilt-zoom video heads for more flexible operation and better video quality with fewer crew people.  For live video edits we record directly to video DVD which we then duplicate immediately at the event’s end. For post video edits we record on professional grade digital video tapes.  For all of our post editing and DVD authoring we use Final Cut Studio.  Graphic design and printing of all video DVD faces, inserts and video case covers as well as duplication of all DVDs is accomplished in house on dedicated duplication towers and disc printers.


Additionally we design, build and host web sites.


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